Tuesday, January 15, 2008

MICHIGAN - Democratic superdelegates

U.S. House of Representatives Members:

Rep. John Conyers - Obama
Rep. John Dingell - Clinton
Rep. Dale Kildee - Clinton

Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick - Obama (Endorsed 6/3/08)

Rep. Sander Levin - Clinton

Rep. Bart Stupak - Obama (Endorsed 6/3/08)

U.S. Senators:

Sen. Carl Levin

Sen. Debbie Stabenow - Clinton

Democratic Governor:

Gov. Jennifer Granholm - Clinton

Nat'l Association of Democratic Lieutenant Governors:

John Cherry - Clinton

Nat'l Federation of Democratic Women:

Virgie Rollins - Obama (Endorsed 5/16/08)

College Democrats of America:

Lauren Wolfe - Obama (Endorsed 5/13/08)

(ASDC) Officers:

Mark Brewer, Michigan Democratic Party Chair

Nat'l Conference of Democratic Mayors:

Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick - Obama (Endorsed 6/3/08)
Southfield Mayor Brenda Lawrence - Obama (Endorsed 6/2/08)

Nat'l Democratic County Officials:

Eric Coleman - Obama (Endorsed 5/16/08)

Democratic National Committee Members:

Tina Abbott - Michigan Democratic Party Vice Chair - Obama
(Endorsed 6/3/08)

Elizabeth Bunn
Debbie Dingell - Obama (Endorsed 6/3/08)
Robert Ficano - Obama (Endorsed 5/14/08)
Joyce Lalonde - Obama (Endorsed 6/3/08)
Jeffrey Radjewski
Michael Tardiff, Secretary-Treasurer, Michigan AFL-CIO - Obama
(Endorsed 6/3/08)
Richard N. Wiener - Obama (Endorsed 6/3/08)

DNC Members-at-Large:

Lu Battaglieri - Obama (Endorsed 6/2/08)
Joel Ferguson - Clinton
Richard Shoemaker

Add-On Delegates:

2 unnamed (to be selected June 14)

State's Total Unpledged Delegate Votes: 14.5 (29 total, each casting half-votes per the DNC's Rules & Bylaws Committee compromise approved May 31.)

Primary Results: Clinton 55%, Uncommitted 40%

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