Tuesday, February 5, 2008

NEW MEXICO - Democratic superdelegates

U.S. House of Representatives Members:

Rep. Tom Udall - Obama (Endorsed 6/4/08)

U.S. Senator:

Sen. Jeff Bingaman - Obama (Endorsed 4/28/08)

Democratic Governor:

Gov. Bill Richardson - Obama

Nat'l Association of Democratic Lieutenant Governors:

Diane Denish - Clinton

Distinguished Party Leader Leadership:

Fred R. Harris (Former DNC Chairman) - Obama

Democratic National Committee Members:

Brian Colon, N.M. Democratic Party Chair - Obama
Mary Gail Gwaltney - Clinton
Annadelle Sanchez - Clinton
Raymond Sanchez - Clinton

DNC Members-at-Large:

Martin Chavez - Clinton
Christine Trujillo - Clinton

Add-On Delegates:

Laurie Weahkee - Obama (Endorsed 5/9/08)

State's Total Unpledged Delegate Votes: 12

Caucus Results: Clinton 49%, Obama 48%

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