Tuesday, February 5, 2008

MASSACHUSETTS - Democratic superdelegates

U.S. House of Representatives Members:

Rep. Michael Capuano - Obama
Rep. William Delahunt - Obama

Rep. Barney Frank - Clinton
Rep. Stephen Lynch - Clinton

Rep. Edward Markey, 7th Congressional District

Rep. James McGovern - Clinton
Rep. Richard Neal - Clinton

Rep. Niki Tsongas, 5th Congressional District

Rep. John Olver, 1st Congressional District - Obama (Endorsed 6/3/08)

Rep. John Tierney, 6th Congressional District

Democratic Governor:

Gov. Deval Patrick - Obama

U.S. Senators:

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy - Obama

Sen. John Kerry - Obama

Distinguished Party Leader Leadership Positions:

Debra DeLee (Former DNC Chairman) - Clinton
Steve Grossman (Former DNC Chairman) - Clinton
Paul G. Kirk Jr. (Former DNC Chairman) - Obama

Democratic National Committee Members:

Gus Bickford - Clinton
Raymond Jordan - Obama
Debra Kozikowski, MA Democratic Party Vice Chair - Obama
(Endorsed 6/3/08)
David M. O'Brien - Obama
Diane Saxe - Clinton
John Walsh, MA Democratic Party Chair - Obama
Margaret D. Xifaras - Obama

DNC Members-at-Large:

Elaine C. Kamarck - Clinton

James Roosevelt Jr. - Co-chair, DNC Rules and By-laws Committee, and Co-chair, Democratic National Convention Credentials Committee
"Any kind of attribute that you think would be appropriate for someone in that job, he has it," said Don Fowler of South Carolina, who, upon being named chairman of the national party in 1995, promoted Roosevelt to succeed him as co-chairman of the rules committee. Fowler called the standoff over whether to seat Florida and Michigan "a monumental problem that almost seems insoluble." He
said Roosevelt "is going to have to be Jesus and Moses all at the same time, and maybe Solomon too."

Roosevelt, a superdelegate to the nominating convention in late August, has maintained strict neutrality toward presidential hopefuls Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton until all the convention issues are
resolved. If the Rules and Bylaws Committee doesn't settle matters, the dispute will fall to the convention Credentials Committee. Roosevelt will also be co-chairman on that panel when it is constituted in late June. - "Old pro to referee delegate dispute," Boston Globe, 3/25/08
Alan Solomont - Obama

Add-On Delegates:

Attorney General Martha Coakley - Clinton (Endorsed 5/20/08)
Arthur Powell - Clinton (Endorsed 5/10/08)

State's Total Unpledged Delegate Votes: 28

Primary Results: Clinton 56%, Obama 41%

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