Tuesday, March 4, 2008

TEXAS - Democratic superdelegates

U.S. House of Representatives Members:

Rep. Henry Cuellar - Clinton

Rep. Lloyd Doggett, 25th Congressional District - Obama

Rep. Chet Edwards, 17th Congressional District - Obama

Rep. Charles Gonzalez, 20th Congressional District - Obama

Rep. Al Green - Obama
Rep. Gene Green - Clinton
Rep. Rubin Hinojosa - Clinton
Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee - Clinton

Rep. Nick Lampson, 22nd Congressional District

Rep. Solomon Ortiz - Clinton
Rep. Silvestre Reyes - Clinton

Rep. Ciro D. Rodriguez, 23rd Cong. District - Clinton (Endorsed 5/9/08)
1950 S.W. Military Drive, San Antonio, TX 78221
Phone: (210) 922-1874, Fax: (210) 923-8447
Website: http://www.rodriguez.house.gov/

Distinguished Party Leader Leadership Positions:

Robert Strauss (Former DNC Chairman)
Jim Wright (Former Speaker of the House) - Clinton

DNC Officers:

Linda Chavez-Thompson

Young Democrats of America:

David Hardt

Democratic National Committee Members:

Roy LaVerne Brooks, Texas Democratic Party Vice Chair - Obama
Yvonne Davis - Obama
Al Edwards - Obama
Norma Fisher Flores - Clinton
Jaime A. Gonzalez, Jr. - Clinton
David Holmes - Clinton
Sue Lovell - Clinton
John Patrick - Obama
Betty Richie - Obama (Endorsed 5/29/08)
Boyd Richie, Texas Democratic Party Chair - Obama (Endorsed 5/29/08)
Robert Slagle - Clinton
Senfronia Thompson - Obama (switched from Clinton on 2/27)

DNC Members-at-Large:

Denise Johnson
Johnson is uncommitted, but only in the most formal sense of the word. She told the Dallas Morning News she voted for Obama in the primary and plans on voting for the delegate leader at the national convention. - Politico, 3-30-08

Eddie Bernice Johnson - Obama
Robert Martinez - Clinton
Moses Mercado - Obama

State's Total Unpledged Delegate Votes: 32

Primary Results: Clinton 51%, Obama 47%

Caucus Results: Obama 56%, Clinton 44%

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