Tuesday, February 5, 2008

COLORADO - Democratic superdelegates

U.S. House of Representatives Members:

Rep. Diana DeGette - Clinton

Rep. Ed Perlmutter - Obama

Rep. John Salazar, 3rd Congressional District - Obama (Endorsed 6/4/08)

Rep. Mark Udall, 2nd Congressional District - Obama (Endorsed 6/4/08)

U.S. Senator:

Sen. Ken Salazar - Obama (Endorsed 6/4/08)

Democratic Governor:

Gov. Bill Ritter - Obama (Endorsed 6/3/08)

Former DNC General Chairman:

Roy Romer - Obama (Endorsed 5/13/08)

Democratic National Committee Members:

Debbie Marquez - Obama
Jonathan W. Postal - Obama
Mannie Rodriguez - Clinton
Dan Slater, Colorado Democratic Party Vice Chair - Obama
Patricia Waak, Colorado Democratic Party Chair - Obama (Endorsed 5/28/08)

DNC Members-at-Large:

Maria Handley - Clinton
Ramona Martinez - Clinton

Add-On Delegates:

Federico Pena - Obama (Added 5/17/08)

State's Total Unpledged Delegate Votes: 15

Caucus Results: Obama 67%, Clinton 32%

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Anonymous said...

Joan Fitz-Gerald is NOT on the DNC any longer. She was appointed as President of the Dem State Legislators Assn. but since she resigned from the Colorado Senate, she no longer holds that position and subsequently is no longer a DNC Member.