Tuesday, February 19, 2008

WISCONSIN - Democratic superdelegates

U.S. House of Representatives Members:

Rep. Tammy Baldwin - Clinton

Rep. Steve Kagen, 8th Congressional District - Obama

Rep. Ron Kind, 3rd Congressional District - Obama

Rep. Gwen Moore - Obama
Rep. David Obey - Obama

U.S. Senators:

Sen. Russell Feingold - Obama (Officially endorsed 6/4/08, but counted for Obama since 3/15/08)
Q: "Which candidate do you support — Obama or Clinton?" Feingold: "Amazing how they were both interested in me there for a couple of weeks, but I told them both, 'If this is a clearly decisive victory for either of you, I will be heavily inclined to that person'. Barack Obama carried 62 of 72 Wisconsin counties and all the congressional districts, so I’m highly inclined to support him if it ever came to that. I don’t think this super-delegate nightmare will play out but, if it did, that would be my inclination. ... I am very torn between the two candidates." - Dunn County, WI News, 3-24-08
Feingold, a likely Obama vote, thinks he should be guided by Obama's big victory in Wisconsin's Feb. 19 primary. "I give the greatest deference to what (my) state did," said Feingold, who voted for Obama in that contest. - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3-15-08
Sen. Herb Kohl - Obama (Endorsed 6/4/08)

Democratic Governor:

Gov. Jim Doyle - Obama

College Democrats of America:

Awais Khaleel - Obama (Endorsed 5/13/08)

Democratic National Committee Members:

Stan Gruszynski - Obama
Jason Rae - Obama
Melissa Schroeder - Obama
Lena Taylor, WI Democratic Party Vice Chair - Obama (Endorsed 5/14/08)
Joe Wineke, WI Democratic Party Chair - Obama

Paula Zellner, State Field Director, Feingold Senate Committee - Obama
(Endorsed 6/4/08)

DNC Members-at-Large:

Tim Sullivan - Clinton

State's Total Unpledged Delegate Votes: 16

Primary Results: Obama 58%, Clinton 41%

1 comment:

Altoid77 said...

I wish Feingold would get off his ass and endorse.

I love the man, and I know he doesn't usually endorse anybody. but come on already. Wisconsin voted almost three months ago with a 17-point win for obama.