Saturday, March 8, 2008

WYOMING - Democratic superdelegates

Democratic Governor:

Gov. Dave Freudenthal - Obama

Democratic National Committee Members:

Nancy Drummond, WY Democratic Party Vice Chair - Obama
(Endorsed 5/27/08)
Peter Jorgensen - Obama
Dr. John A. Millin, WY Democratic Party Chair - Obama

Cynthia Nunley - Clinton (Endorsed 6/3/08)
c/o Wyoming Democratic Party
PO Box 1963, Casper, WY 82602-1963
"Cynthia Nunley, a national committeewoman, said she expects to make a decision in mid-June, after the primaries and caucuses wrap up." - "Wyoming Democrats ride wave of optimism to state convention," AP, 5/19/08

Add-On Delegates:

State Rep. W. Patrick Goggles - Obama (Added 5/24/08)

State's Total Unpledged Delegate Votes: 6

Caucus Results: Obama 61%, Clinton 38%

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