Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Contact local Superdelegates

How to find superdelegates near you

In the left sidebar is a list of all states and U.S. territories awarding delegates to the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

To find local superdelegates, their contact info, and their candidate preferences to date, click on your state or territory.

Tips for calling local superdelegates

Take five minutes and call an undecided superdelegate in your area. We recommend contacting elected officials first - check the list for your Congressperson, Senator or Governor.

Just say that you are supporting Obama and want the superdelegate to consider endorsing him. If you are calling a member of Congress or other elected official, each call is marked down and at the end of the day, the number of calls is reported to those representatives or officials.

Why it makes a difference

Many superdelegates are politicians, and they pay attention to the voters who elect them. Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory announced his support for Obama on Feb. 25 as a superdelegate from Ohio.

Following a news story about his previous indecision, Mallory said he heard from many of his local citizens.

"[I] got lots of calls and e-mails, mostly telling me to support Obama," he said. "I got three or four calls in support of Clinton, but it was very lopsided."

1 comment:

prasad bhatt said...

Superdelegates have a responsibility to see that democratic party unity is preserved. That is not going to happen if fight between obama and clinton is dragged on for months and where kitchen sink strategies are used to denigrate candidates.

Reserving the right to change their minds, superdelegates should disclose their preference NOW so that the losing candidate does not harbor unrealistic expectations and will concede to other in interest of party unity.

I strongly urge superdelegates to endorse Senator Obama.