Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sign On-line Petitions

• Sign up on-line

Now that Obama has won North Carolina's May 6 primary by a large, 14-point margin, we have launched an online petition asking all N.C. superdelegates to unite behind his candidacy. N.C. voters can sign the petition HERE. Virginia voters can sign the online petition to VA superdelegates, started by VA state Democratic officials in April. Our supporters in Massachusetts have launched a petition to MA superdelegates. If you want to sponsor an online superdelegate petition in your state, contact us.

Both and Democracy for America have organized on-line petition efforts calling on all the superdelegates to respect the will of the voters. Add your name to the hundreds of thousands who have already signed these petitions.

• Start a petition to local superdelegates

Individual elected officials pay even more attention to physical copies of petitions that have been signed by their consituents. We are gathering signatures from voters in our communities urging local superdelegates to back Obama.

If you want to download and customize a petition form addressed to superdelegates in your area, CLICK HERE.

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