Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Start a petition to your local superdelegates

CLICK HERE to download a petition form you can customize and address to an individual superdelegate.

Instructions for customizing your petition:

1. Click on your state or territory and pick a local superdelegate to address your petition to.

Can't decide who to pick? The superdelegates most likely to respond to citizens’ voices are elected officials. Start with your congressperson. Members of Congress who represent individual districts are more responsive than officials elected statewide, because they represent fewer constituents.

If your member of Congress has already endorsed, or you're not represented by a Democrat, try selecting one of your Senators, or your Governor.

If most elected officials in your state have already endorsed, CLICK HERE for further advice.

Don't know who represents you in Congress? Use the Contact Lawmakers tool in the left sidebar to search by zip code.

2. Cut and paste the superdelegate’s name and title into the text box in the upper left corner of the petition. Cut and paste their office address into the text box in the upper right.

NOTE: We will be adding contact info for as many superdelegates as possible to this list. If there is no contact info listed yet for a specific superdelegate, try Google, and fill it in yourself.

Address all petitions to superdelegates' office or business addresses. For members of Congress, petitions should be addressed and mailed/delivered to their local district offices, not their D.C. Congressional offices.

3. Replace the petition’s Dear __________ , greeting with the superdelegate’s name.

4. Print copies of your petition, find a clipboard, and start collecting voters' signatures in your community!

FOR EASY INSTRUCTIONS on how to run a grassroots petition drive, CLICK HERE.

Need more help launching a petition drive in your area? Contact us at votersforobama -at- and we can help you get started or put you in touch with other organizers in your state.

NOTE: As of June 4, when Hillary Clinton announced her intention to suspend her campaign, we have disabled some links formerly available on this page.

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Anonymous said...

This website is really great. I am going to download a petition and try to get some neighborhood signatures between now and the RI primary or at least before the Democratic national Convention.